Pentecost Sunday

The chapel was rearranged with new chairs and airconditioner for this special sunday. It was great to share under the symbol of the spirit, in a colourful and meaningful meditation.

Good numbers at January service

A good number attended the first visit by Len Cliff for 2012, on January 22. It was great to see visitors from Wollongong, as well as relatives of Bronwyn. A pleasing morning including usual refreshments had by all!

Trish Watts

A few of us went to see Trisha Watts at the Bondi Chapel a few weeks ago. We are familiar with her singing and compositions in the song book used at the chapel. She did not disappoint on the night – an outstanding voice. She led a number of group songs – the only wish […]

extract from the earth liturgy

The holy land of Jesus the Christ Waits for its honoured guests All of us, each of us, who come in humble faith It waits with open table lands to receive our gifts and care The gifts that arise from all that is here Through the work of human hands We return all we have […]