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In the past four decade the chapel has hosted numerous performance programs, exhibitions, classes, community meeting and screenings – several dozen events and different shows in total!  This has been a remarkable achievement for a small chapel in a bush setting. The arts play an important role, at local, community, as well as professional levels.

Over 2000 people have attended special events hosted by the chapel, and future screenings and arts events are planned.

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The chapel and associated spaces have often been used for arts classes, studio, rehearsals and photography. Inquiries for suitable uses are most welcome.

LISA MCDONNEL in Save the Earth. Performed to much appeal at the Bondi Chapel by the Sea, the Wesley Uniting Church, Wollongong, and the Bushland Chapel, in October-November 2012. More information about this show to be included soon.

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One thought on “Arts and Gallery

  1. Visitor responses to chapel presentations have been consistently high and appreciative. “Fantastic”, ”awesome songs”, “refreshing”, “engagement”, “changes alone were unbelievable”, “kept me enthralled”, ‘exciting”, “thrilling”, “beautiful”, “love it”, “see it again”, ”inspired”, “wonderful”, “thought provoking”, “brilliant concept”, “very good visuals”

    Check this page for a forthcoming full list of presentations.

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