About Us

Commitee/Council: Geoffrey Sykes, Andrea O’Brien, Narina Simpson, Julie Geddes, Eric Shumsky,

Associates: Brad Blaker, Angela Fagerstrom, Trish Dalton, Elaine Balderston (post.)

Consulting minister: Trevor Jennings

The chapel is dedicated to developing creative community practices. In recent years we have worked  in areas of arts, media, public meetings, well being, bush walks and the environment. Within this wider public service we continue forms of spiritual inquiry. In theology we represent a progressive perspective, that we believe is in accord with New Testament teachings about the kingdom and social change. The chapel is part of the Uniting Church of Australia.


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Inquiries or responses from interested persons welcome. On your journey for spiritual, community and personal values, and for belonging in our contemporary world,  you might find something at the chapel.

You can leave an inquiry or comment in the comments space below.


Please check meeting times if you are a visitor.

Inquiries about weddings, blessings and baptisms, funerals, and other services or use of the chapel, welcome.  We can arrange services of a minister as required.



  1. I would like to join in the bush walks and creative sessions please.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Like Bronwyn, I find the discussion very helpful. It helps me clarify my thoughts and also informs be about other books to read or return to. What’s more, the people present are not only knowledgable but truly nice.
    I find the mix of more traditional church with sermon some days and other informal days of reflection or, at times, frank expression of disquiet at the rigid nature of the church past both thought provoking and fulfilling.
    Thank you.

  3. The church web site is absolutely amazing. Good on you guys doing a great work for the Lord. Contemporary churches are the only ones that are going to survive the next 10 to 20 years and on into the future should the Lord tarry. As the old guys, yes there are older ones than us, die out the traditional churches will be empty.
    Once again Praise the Lord for you guys.
    Love Andy

  4. the new look is really great. Very smooth, trendy, sophisticated in greys and blacks – maybe previous one was a bit psychadelic 70s although colourful! Of course it is about content but these visuals should connect to contemporary look.

  5. Thanks Josef. We appreciate both of your comments and interest. Yes attention to visuals and video is central to the presentation and reality of faith. There is a lot more we can do. Geoffrey

  6. Hi Geoffrey,

    a really great work you’ve done in relaunching the website. Nearly perfect! I like very much the changing photographs with latest photos of group-activities and so on. And of course one detail I have to mention here also: I like the flower-arrangement in the room your groups and single persons meet each other with the Telopea speciosissima (Waratah), the National Flower of NSW. Very nice. They match perfect to all the people I discovered on the choosen spots, especially to Bronwyns dress! Further on this way!

    Best regards,

    Josef Engel
    G e r m a n y

  7. I enjoyed last Sunday. The quotes from Heschel are so rich and thought provoking. The words theodicy and anthropodicy are new to me. I’m glad you have put them up here Geoffrey. I shall return to them for a look.

  8. thanks for last Sunday. I thought the reading of the burning bush was most appropriate- the Old Testament has never seemed so immediate

  9. What I love about bushchapel is the privilege we have to reflect on life, our humanity, our world and the space we have created for sensing meanings and relationship – even if it is only fleeting sometimes.


  10. Thank you very much for this distant comment.

    The site has only been up for a few days – it is really a template, and we hope to link to two new direction – earth and media. So hopefully you can update any impressions in weeks ahead. Yes one needs to trust where one is in this disarranged world. The archival shots were the best available, but we can be more conscious in anything new. Having said that there are many archivals available, so we plan to add more and perhaps special ones. Blessing. Geoffrey

  11. Josef Engel on August 11, 2011 at 5:19 AM said: [Edit]
    The new look is really very refreshing.
    As a traveller to Taizé in Burgundy/France I find your button “reflections” very well placed and filled with serious contents. Go on in this way and do not fear in fitting in new sights in regard on the essentials of inner life as a counterpole of this more and more crazy / disarranged world!

    Josef Engel
    G e r m a n y

  12. A really good website informing us of a vital group searching for the big answers to life. I particularly appreciate the discussion Sundays where we can exchange our doubts and questions re Christianity.

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