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  1. Thanks, Trevor. Thanks for your enlightened and enlightening message. And from a minister of religion as well ! Ruth

  2. I’m sending my review on Borg and Crossan.

    Two books I thought might be interesting for the group are:
    Brendan Byrne, A Costly Freedom. A Theological Reading of Mark’s Gospel, Sydney: St. Paul’s Publications, 2008,
    Elizabeth Johnson, Quest for the Living God. Mapping Frontiers in the Theology of God, NY:Continuum, 2008.

    I thought it would be interesting to read something on Mark, since this gospel provides the readings for this liturgical year (Year B). It would be good to focus on it. Brendan Byrne is an Australian scholar who brings together the work of others who have been writing about Mark, as well as providing his own perspective. He carefully uncovers themes revealed in the structure, subject matter, plot and setting of the gospel. His aim is to teach rather than to make an argument.

    Elizabeth Johnson’s book gives much food for thought (and discussion!). She is highly respected as a theologian and teacher, and reflects new ways in doing theology. She is so good that she has been under investigation by conservative American bishops! They clearly did not read her earlier more exciting work She Who Is. The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse. (NY: Crossroads, 2005), or they would have stopped her sooner.

    I’ll keep on looking for more.


  3. I thought of this after sorting through some thoughts after church –

    A sense of belonging is not found in belonging to anyone or anything but in avoiding the binaries with their boundaries and limitations. Moving through fear and embracing life along the lines of continuum thinking. Seeking connections and as much as is possible within the limitations of what we know being culturally literate with all we meet. Always seeking cultural literacy. Moving gently and being creative and mindfully aware of the present moment we are in. Moment by moment seeking to notice the sensations in our bodies and considering what they may mean. Building a practice that steps aware from othering by nurturing compassion and seeking understanding through collaboration. Pausing with others but not constituting them as other, rather embracing intimacy, even if only fleetingly. Moving fluidly with people, for a time in history along the continuum somewhere beyond the binaries, beyond inclusion and exclusion. Julie

  4. The church web site is absolutely amazing. Good on you guys doing a great work for the Lord. Contemporary churches are the only ones that are going to survive the next 10 to 20 years and on into the future should the Lord tarry. As the old guys, yes there are older ones than us, die out the traditional churches will be empty.
    Once again Praise the Lord for you guys.
    Love Andy

  5. Really lovely discussion and such a great way to include others in your group by sharing it online. Listening to this really gives a wonderful sense of the heart of compassion that is obviously practised at your chapel. It is very uplifting to see a group of people dedicated to enriching their lives in this way. Dean Crabb

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