Peace theme

We have spent time in second considering themes that could embrace past and future activities at chapel. The themes of environment and peace are contenders as over-arching theme. A theme provides a platform for wider community sharing.  

Visits by Richard Donnelly

  It’s been a pleasure to have Richard Donnelly from Wollongong as a monthly guest at our formal, communion service, on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Late last year Richard stood in for Len Cliff, our long standing guest minister. Len is recovering well from a recent mild stroke of October, however we do […]

Walk in Beauty – new production

The chapel has continued its association with this theatre work. It was presented twice in October, and now will be developed further. The rich spiritual, environmental and human themes were acknowledged by over 50 people at the two october shows, and hopefully the show can be improved further and shared elsewhere. Further development with performer […]

writers group recommences 2013

The writers’ group will recommence for 2013 in February, running the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at 7.15 pm. This group is run by an experienced writer and teacher. It is an opportunity to learn, express, improve skills, and share in a supportive group. Exercises are mixed will open participation. In 2013 will […]

sbs bible series

Overview A review is being written for this influential series. It is planned to screen one or more parts at the chapel soon, followed by discussion. The Bible, A History tells the story of the most influential book ever written: a collection of over 60 books which tell the story of the creation of the […]

Book Review

Boff, L. Passion of Christ, Passion of the World (trans R. Barr). Orbis: NY. 2001.  It is possible to apply the interpretative and historical methods Leonardo Boff insists in his biblical study of the cross, to his own work, and see it very much as a polemical product of the autocratic regimes that dominated South […]

arts program 2012

Lisa McDonnel has been rehearsing dance in the chapel space twice a week, and this week was joined by prominent cellist Ilir Merxushi, as he shared musical items. It is planned for the two to collaborate in a special program, hopefully in March.

Borg on Paul

 This is a audio interview with Borg on the radical Paul. There are some other interesting clips on the Youtube page.

The senior Billy Graham on world religions

In the past decade Billy Graham, the doyen of modern evangelicals, has made candid and controversial evaluations of some of his earlier beliefs. These more recent comments are not widely known, but represent a significant development in the faith of this famous christian.

Christmas talk Trevor

I always find preaching on Christmas day or Easter Sunday more challenging than other Sundays because the congregation is made up of the usual Sunday worshippers plus people who only came to church at Christmas or Easter. The expectation for many preachers is that they will preach to the unconverted rather than to the converted, […]