Chapel house/manse

Work has been done to freshen the house associated with chapel, and identify persons who could well reside there. The aim is to find persons, on short and longer term basis, who could give something back to life and activities of chapel. Painting and tree / leaf clearance has been done (all long overdue) Update […]

Peace theme

We have spent time in second half of year developing a theme that could embrace past and future activities at chapel. The themes of environment and peace are contenders, with peace providing providing an over-arching theme. Resources are already in place, and update will be provided soon.    

Special Events

Recent months have been quite busy at the chapel. In addition to regular Sunday meetings and other weekday activities, there were several important celebrations – a wedding, two baptisms and a commemoration. We are always inclusive and friendly, and meaningful, on such occasions. It is pleasant to see the space so well used.  

Loci of faith – talk by Geoffrey

Locus is the Latin word for place, and it retain is current meaning, “a particular position or place where something occurs or is situated.” I wish today to begin talk about locus, or plural loci, or place, in the New Testament in particular the gospels, and also in context of this particular position or place […]

Talks by Richard 2016

Monthly Sunday morning talks by Richard are included – up to September. Parables of Lostness Luke 15 The Parable of the Good Samaritan PRAYER Notes on Dying and Rising with Christ – Richard – Helensburgh THE HOLY SPIRIT

Steve Wright

Our memories, thoughts, prayers, hopes and condolences to a main long term supporter of the chapel. Stephen Wright passed away in today from a heart attack. We will have more to say about his work at the chapel, in the community, and for the environment, soon. He will be missed indeed by a great many […]

Networking the self

In February Ross led a stimulating Sunday group session depicting our individual life stories as interwoven cloth fragments. The space was throughtfully busy and messy. 

Visits by Richard Donnelly

  It’s been a pleasure to have Richard Donnelly from Wollongong as a monthly guest at our formal, communion service, on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Late last year Richard stood in for Len Cliff, our long standing guest minister. Len is recovering well from a recent mild stroke of October, however we do […]

Sunday January 10

Last Sunday was presumably to be a quiet one for first informal Sunday meeting of the year – I might have given that impression to a few of us. Those several who did meet had a pleasant surprise when a guest from Scotland arrived. Douglas actually turned up in December at an irregular time – […]

Commemorative Event

STEPHEN WRIGHT COMMEMORATION EVENT We ask you to join us in a tribute/commemoration of the life and work of Stephen Wright. Eight weeks after that immediate shock of his loss, we join to share responses to the valued insights and work that Stephen provided. For over 20 years the chapel was his spiritual home, and […]