Event description

December 15th 4-5.30

You are invited into a meditative and immersive experience of sound and light, bathed in the pure harmonies of soaring voices, rippling piano and the vision of dawn rising over the ocean. Sit or lie to receive this transmission of the profound and beautiful spiritual poetry of Indian mystic, Sri Aurobindo, powerfully and evocatively expressed through song and abstract images of Stanwell Park beach at sunrise. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to experience this work, offered for one show only in the tranquil Bushland Chapel in Helensburgh, located just south of the Royal National Park.

THE AUROBINDO SOUND BATH is a new intimate configuration of the broader AUROBINDO PROJECT that seeks to embody the spiritual poetry and philosophy of Indian guru Sri Aurobindo in song and image. A small group of vocalists offer the audience an immersive theatrical experience through song settings of Aurobindo’s poetry, enveloped in pre-dawn images of Stanwell Park Beach.

‘Beautiful performance, amazing energy.’ Victoria’Thoroughly uplifted and deeply moved by last night’s performance.’ Kristina’It was beautiful and emotional, I wish I had time to come again. Trish’Deeply transformative.’ Barbara

TICKETS: $30 standard, $20 concession
Not recommended for children under 13 as this is designed to be a meditative and immersive experience. Duration approx 70 mins.

Composer/Musical Director – Daryl Wallis
Director/Singer – Danielle OKeefe
Singer – Marissa Dikkenberg
Singer – Louise Charman-James
Singer – Daniel Prypchan
Singer – Maryann Wright

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