Sunday January 10

Last Sunday was presumably to be a quiet one for first informal Sunday meeting of the year – I might have given that impression to a few of us.

Those several who did meet had a pleasant surprise when a guest from Scotland arrived. Douglas actually turned up in December at an irregular time – fortunately I was there and he had tea and chat before the left to worship somewhere else. He had visited us some years ago – some might remember – although only comes to Australia every few years.

A passing query about what part of Scotland proved fortuitous – Iona he said. That rang a bell. How many people? 150. Mainly (I found out later) in one village stretched along foreshore. Land divided into 40 acres lots for sheep/cattle and some cultivation we were told. Not the most likely locality for someone to come from. But famed for its abbey and community that really put this tiny island (1*3 miles!) on the international map. The medieval headquarters of Celtic Christianity – Trevor would have been fascinated. Founded by St Thomas. Probably origin of Book of Kells – most famous illustrated bible manuscript. The community is run out of Glascow but caters to numerous retreats and visitors to Isle esp in Summer. Steve was active with hymnbook finding several of many Iona Community compositions. All in all a stimulating even remarkable start to year – sorry Ruth of you were thinking of coming before contacted.    written by Geoffrey