December end of year concert


Arts in the Chapel

Friday and Saturday December 6 and 7th, 8pm

End of 2013 celebration in dance, acting, video, music and magic.


 1.      Homage to Place.

 With Lisa McDonell and Darren Braun. Lisa is a prominent Illawarra choreographer and dancer. Lisa has studied and worked In Western Australia, NSW and overseas, in Ireland. She has recently participated in the Critical Paths Dance program in Sydney.

Lisa taught Darren at the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Academy (NAISDA). Since graduation Darren has danced in Sydney and the Northern Territory. It is exciting to have both of them in this new work.

“Homage to Place” is a new celebratory response and meditation on perspectives of the Northern Illawarra landscape. It uses evocative video, staging, music and audio, and dance, to explore its diverse and challenging geography. Dance explores tangents of geography that continue to stimulate our stories, our culture, and sense of self. Devised by L. McDonell, D. Braun and G.Sykes

2. Clowning and magic

Claudia Arbeláez is newly arrived from Columbia where she has had over 20 years experience in theatre and theatre education. She has worked with the Colombian Theatre Corporation “Hora 25” and been director of the theatre group “El Arca de los Sueños” of Medellin Metro Company, from 2007 – 2012. She has taught children’s Theatre at the British – Colombo College of Medellin. 2010 – 2013.

3. Cinema in the Chapel  – three specially selected new video shorts from a forthcoming full length documentary. “Pre history landscape”, “The old Helensburgh town”, and “Bulgo by the Sea” offer distinct, fully developed and creative insights into aspects of the región. Directed by Geoffrey Sykes. Camera and sound by Tim Dennis.

Friday and Saturday December 6 and 7th, 8pm

Bushland Chapel, 94 Parkes Street Helensburgh.

$15 all tickets (family 2+2 $40).

Bookings welcome and recommended. mob: 042525257984