Plastic Bag Free Illawarra

A Plastic Bag Free Helensburgh?

The chapel has hosted several meetings of this group. The Plastic Bag-Free Illawarra group held a special meeting at the Chapel on Thursday 13th June at  7PM. The local group will work with the others in Ward One and Wollongong to encourage reduced use of single use plastic bags, especially in local businesses. This is the fourth meeting convened by Jenelle McWilliam, under the auspices of the Coastal Ambassador’s Program and NSW Environment Trust.

“The Bag It video has been screened several times locally – at the Helensburgh Public School, the CWA Stanwell Park, the Bushland Chapel and at Thirroul. It sends a clear warning about the legacy of overuse of plastic bag and plastics generally,” Jenelle says. “We live in a beautiful part of the world, our waterways run into the ocean; we need to be sensitive about the heritage of where we live.”

Already progress has been made, with Helensburgh Salvo now plastic bag free along with Aldi & Target, and some local shops have taken their own initiative. There is plastic bag recycling at BiLo, and a bench seat made from recycled plastic has been on display recently. If collected it is possible to recycle plastic, although bags are not degradable. The group will continue initiatives this year, including use of environment friendly bags, a stall at the fair, and approaches to Council and the state government. A charge on bags is another way to limit their use. The Bag It film and other information are available from Jenelle at, and inquiries and help are welcome.

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