Theatre classes

Special classes – at the chapel. all welcome

Claudia Arbeláez

Special Body Expression workshop/classes. Saturday 7th December, 9am-12. $15. All welcome, for beginners and those with acting experience.

“Because in our normal life we forget our body and its possibilities, we feel the pressure to work, family, etc. , and our bodies and our voices have to come out and say something.   Any move is special, any sound is powerful and our bodies are the instrument of our liberation.” The workshop will comprise body warming with movements and voice, games with space, individual and group expression sets, and body structure through different sounds. The workshop aims to create body and space awareness, body and voice release, self-confidence and release of body, voice and mind. Claudia Arbeláez is a gradúate in Representative Arts.  Universidad de Antioquia. Medellin- Colombia S.A., and was a Child Theatre Teacher on the British – Colombo College of Medellin. 2010 – 2013. She has many years experience in professional theatre in Colombia. Bookings and inquiries to or mobile: 0456641619

 Body Expression Workshop poster


In addition, youth and children theatre classes continue to be conducted in the chapel. There will be special holiday classes. Please ring Karen 0466418824 for information