One thought on “visit to Hindu temple 15/10/2011

  1. I have lived near the temple for over 20 years, and in the early years, when it was smaller and truly a bush temple, visited often and taught the priests English in exchanged for yummy curries and blessings! It was great to visit again with Uniting friends. It would be surprise to visit such a place for the first time. This is the only traditional Hindu temple in the Southern hemisphere – quite special. I was reminded how imaginary and aesthetic this religion in – someone used the word baroque – and what a contrast to the more ethically and personally driven world of christian faith. I think the two major world religions ask different questions, and provide different but complementary perspectives in the modern world.

    The discussion at the temple and the chapel later about Hindu statues – their symbolic, devotional and aesthetic qualities – would have been helpful to many in the group. Geoffrey

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