Chapel and Sunday events

Special Events

Recent months have been quite busy at the chapel. In addition to regular Sunday meetings and other weekday activities, there were several important … [Read More...]

Loci of faith – talk by Geoffrey

Locus is the Latin word for place, and it retain is current meaning, “a particular position or place where something occurs or is situated.” I wish … [Read More...]

Talks by Richard 2016

Monthly Sunday morning talks by Richard are included - up to September. Parables of Lostness Luke 15 The Parable of the Good … [Read More...]

community@ THE CHAPEL

Support for arts

The chapel continues its support for arts workshops and events. Inquiries are always welcome. Screenings, dance, performance, visual arts and music have all been supported in recent times. … [Read More...]


Hatha Yoga at the Bushland Chapel with Ambarissa! These classes, commenced in May, have progress well and hoopefully will grow yet more in the warmer months, Everyone is welcome to come along for … [Read More...]

Youth theatre classes

Youth theatre classes will continue to be conducted at the chapel each Tuesday after school in term time for 2016. Either a local teacher or Eaton Gorge Theatre Company from Woonona will conduct … [Read More...]

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